2/5 Wed "Cook your Startup" 〜イタリアンを食べながら、オープンコラボレーションを学ぶ

Wed, 05 Feb 2014 11:00 - 14:00 JST

HUB Tokyo

東京都目黒区目黒2-11-3 2-11-3, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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【2/5 Wed "Cook your Startup" 〜イタリアンを食べながら、オープンコラボレーションを学ぶワークショップ@HUB Tokyo〜】
 日時 / Date & Time:2/5 Wed 10:00 -
 場所 / Place:HUB Tokyo
 言語 / Language:英語(通訳あり)
 費用 / Fee: HUB Tokyo Members 無料(パスタランチのみコストシェア)
       HUB Tokyo Member以外 1500円(ランチ代込み)
HUBブタベストのメンバーで、「Babele」というオンラインでのコラボレーションツールを通じて、新しいビジネスアイデアを形にしていく起業家Emanuel Musaが来HUBします。


彼らが海外で行っている「オープンコラボレーションを通じてアイデアを形にする」方法を学ぶワークショップをHUB Tokyoで急遽開催が決定!Emanuelがイタリア料理のシェフだったこともあり、ワークショップの後には美味しいイタリアンパスタを参加者同士で食べるというおまけ付きです。

About "Cook your Startup"
"Cook your Startup" is a 2 hours training for entrepreneurs, which combines business with cooking. You will discover the power of open innovation in business. We will teach you how to make your startup a success story; and then, you will be involved in an Italian-pasta cooking session, to touch with hand the tips and tricks to cook as tasty as an Italian grandmother.
Workshop Structure – 3 hours
1. School of startup (20min): The paradigm shift of the 21° century: the values new of a changing society, innovations in the way of doing business, the importance of co-creating value with the customer, the power of crowd-sourcing and open source culture.

  1. Open business planning (60min): Drafting of the hypotheses (60min): Participants will use the methodology to structure their business model collaboratively. Entrepreneurs will describe their idea, while the mentors in the room will give real time feedback to every section of the business plan. The theoretical knowledge necessary to answer every question is introduced step by step by the speakers . Participants have 1 minute to answer each question, as a way to constrain creativity and increase the focus on keywords.

  2. Open feedback (40min): Participants form groups of 4. Each person is given 10 minutes to present his business strategy and analyze it along with the other entrepreneurs. The goal is to create dynamic crowdsourcing sessions to help entrepreneurs conceive the most effective action plan to validate their key assumptions in a collaborative way. The Mentors will facilitate exchange and cooperation, guiding the discussion towards the creation of solutions that address the challenges of each start-up .

  3. Pasta Cooking Session (60min): you will be involved in an Italian-pasta cooking session. You will learn how to cook as tasty as an Italian grandmother, while enjoying several opportunities for networking and collaboration. For fair participation, we will just split the costs of the food that we will have for lunch! :-)
    Guest Speakers
    Emanuele Musa
    Emanuele Musa: startup trainer e entrepreneur.
    Emanuele is an international startup trainer, Founder & CEO at Babele. A very analytical individual with an engineering and business background as well as proven experience in consulting, data analysis and business modeling. Previous work experience includes: Program management for Procter & Gamble in Paris, financial analysis at the Fund Manager "AE Global Investment Solutions ltd" in London, strategic analysis at Bombardier Transportation in Brussels, strategy consulting at Advention Business Partners in Paris and management consulting for IBM Global Business Services in Paris.
    Ruxandra Creosteanu
    Ruxandra Creosteanu: startup trainer e entrepreneur.
    Ruxandra is cofounder at Babele and startup consultants. She graduated in International Management at the European School of Management ESCP (Paris - London - Berlin). Highly numerate, has strong analytical background and attitude for proactive problem solving. Ruxandra speaks fluently 5 languages further compounded by excellent communication and presentation skills. Previous work experience includes: director for Carrefour and manager consultant within the sustainability team at Deloitte.
    The key sponsor is the non-profit organization Babele, which aims to use collective intelligence to support innovation and social innovation, enabling the transfer of best practices and the deployment of sustainable businesses through open collaboration. The organization main activity is the development of an online platform where entrepreneurs follow a simple and intuitive methodology to perform collaborative project planning. This platform is based on a crowdsourcing approach to innovation, and aims to enhance the participation of customers, mentors and stakeholders in the business development process.

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